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Chris Sewrattan, BA, JD, LLM

Criminal Lawyer

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Chris Sewrattan is an experienced criminal lawyer who conducts trials and appeals at every level of court. He has successfully defended a wide range of charges, from impaired driving to murder. Chris’ litigation strategy combines intense preparation and a thorough understanding of the law. Chris takes the time to work personally with his clients through every step of their case, ensuring that they understand their obstacle and how to defeat it.

Chris has a distinguished academic legal background. He holds Masters of Law and Juris Doctor degrees from Osgoode Hall Law School, and an Honours Bachelor’s degree in criminology from the University of Toronto. Chris received numerous course awards for finishing first in his classes in the Juris Doctor program.

Outside of the courtroom, Chris remains active in legal research and writing. He has published a number of articles related to criminal law in academic legal journals, including the UBC Law Review, Manitoba Law Journal, Criminal Law Quarterly, and Canadian Journal of Law and Technology.

Chris is a local Director of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association. He is a past member of the Ontario Parole Board and Osgoode Hall Law School admissions committee.


Ashley Sewrattan, BA, JD

Criminal Lawyer

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Ashley Sewrattan defends a wide variety of charges, including sexual assault, impaired driving, and drug offences. She is also an accomplished appeal lawyer. Ashley understands the needs of her clients and works personally with them to try to achieve the best outcome.

Ashley received her Juris Doctor degree from the University of Ottawa and an Honours Bachelor’s degree in criminology from the University of Toronto. Prior to starting her own law firm, she worked for some of the best criminal lawyers in Toronto.

While at law school, Ashley investigated potential cases of wrongful convictions as a caseworker in the University of Ottawa’s Conviction Review Project. She also volunteered with Innocence Canada.

Ashley is a member of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association and a Member at Large of the Ontario Bar Association’s Criminal Justice Section Executive.

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Success Stories

Here are just some of our success stories. Past success does not guarantee success in your case.

Fail to provide breath sample

Client captured on video failing to provide a breath sample to a RIDE program. Client acquitted at trial.


Client charged with murdering a man in an apartment hallway. The deceased allegedly identified the client to the police with his dying breath. The client was acquitted at trial by a jury.


Search warrant executed on a residence revealing client with 3 automatic rifles and thousands of dollars worth of drugs. Client had a previous conviction for firearms possession. After a hearing, client granted bail. (A few months later, all charges removed.)

Impaired Driving

The client crashed her car into a house. Her passenger told the police that she had been drinking and driving. The client provided breath samples showing her blood/alcohol level was above the legal limit. At trial, the client was acquitted of all charges.

Domestic Assault

Client slapped and threatened to kill wife, who reported him to the police. After speaking with the prosecutor, all charges were withdrawn and the client and wife reconciled.


Client provided a full, videotaped confession to the police about an elaborate robbery of a store of over $700,000 worth of products. At trial, the entire confession was thrown out of evidence.


A firearm was found in a safe in the closet of a residence. The key to the safe was found on the client. At trial, the client was acquitted.

Sexual Assault

Woman claimed the client sexually assaulted her outside her school in broad daylight. After cross-examination, the Crown withdrew all charges.

Organized Crime

Client and his associates charged with kidnapping rival drug dealers and torturing them with medical equipment and guns over multiple days. Client was granted bail and all charges were withdrawn.


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