Bail - Bail Detention Reviews

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A bail detention review is a process that allows an accused person who has been denied bail at their initial bail hearing to seek a review of that decision.

The accused person must demonstrate that there has been a material change in circumstances or that new evidence is available that justifies a change of the initial decision to deny bail. This could include a change in the nature of the charges or new witness statements.

The review is heard by a different judge or justice of the peace than the one who presided over the initial bail hearing. The reviewing court may confirm the original decision to deny bail, grant bail, or set new bail conditions.

The bail detention review process is intended to ensure that accused individuals are not held in custody without good reason and that their rights to a fair trial and liberty are respected. The outcome of a bail detention review can have a significant impact on the accused person's ability to prepare their defence and maintain their daily life while awaiting trial.

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