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Practice Placement 2022: Getting Back into the In-Person Groove

By: Meruthula Jeevananthan, placement student from the Bora Laskin Faculty of Law at Lakehead University

Pandemic Placement, as you probably read in our previous blog post, is definitely not a situation any law student would want to see themselves in. From learning to transition to the professional world, to networking and building valuable connections, working online has taken a toll on the best of us.


Pandemic Placement

Two words no law student would envision using in the same sentence: pandemic and placement. Yet this is the reality for all third-year law students at Lakehead University’s Bora Laskin Faculty of Law.


Welcome Thomas!

We are proud to welcome Thomas Hunter to the lawfirm. Thomas is a third-year law student at Lakehead University’s Bora Laskin Faculty of Law completing his four-month practice placement at the office.


Ontario's Social Distancing Laws

Social distancing is the only way that we are going to survive the COVID-19 pandemic. People are increasingly asking about what they can do outside, where they can go, and with whom they can travel. In this blog post, I look at Ontario’s law governing social distancing rules, the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act.

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